What is documentary photography?

Documentary photography is visual storytelling. It is a way to capture real life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner. The goal is to tell the story of your family. It is perfect for newborn, maternity, couples, or family sessions done in your home or a meaningful location. My favorite thing to capture is small details, like chubby baby toes, smiles, and decor! 

Why documentary photography?

You know how it feels like a lifetime ago when you first held your new squishy baby? Or the little scrunchy face your baby makes when they smile? Or the way your belly looks at almost 8 months pregnant? I want to capture all those little moments that pass by way too quickly. I have never been the super posey type and documentary photography really enables me to capture you in your element.  

When is the best time to book a session with you?

I take a limited number of clients each month to ensure the highest quality to each client. Clients typically book a month in advance, with my fall calendar opening during the summer. Once you decide to book a session, I will send you my client questionnaire to get to know your family even more!

Do we have to do an in home session?

While I love capturing you and your family at home and in your element, I do offer outdoor sessions but the focus is still on telling your story, not traditional posing. That means no awkward moments, and lots of tickle fights and adventuring together as a family!

Do you offer mini sessions?

I do offer mommy and me (or daddy and me) mini sessions year round. Any other mini sessions are usually only offered once a year. Please visit my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.