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Failing My P52 + The Forgotten Files

Sigh. As I sit down to write this, that is all I can manage to do when thinking about my Project 52 I attempted to do last year. In all fairness, I did give birth to my baby boy and complete it all the way until June, but was posting multiple weeks at at time. I admire those who take a picture, edit it, upload it, and share it everyday. Thinking about that makes my head spin. Maybe a Mobile 365 is better for me since I always have my phone, right?

2016 has already come and gone, and has taught me so much. It was a year of intense growth, and truly finding my vision and purpose. But most importantly, this year taught me how to see beauty in everything. From growing a business, to battling the struggles of motherhood and raising a family, to balancing everything in between. There is a certain strength that comes from allowing ourselves to see the beauty throughout this crazy, sometimes chaotic, journey.

Will I still aim to shoot everyday? Absolutely. There is something magical in how it helps me see my everyday in a new light while at the same time helping me grow in my art.

Moral of the story, these days are beautiful and fleeting. No matter how often you capture it, just be sure you are making memories strictly for you and your family. That’s what I got out of failing my P52 and that makes it all worthwhile to me. I did manage to go through all my photos from 2016 and saw some that I skipped over at the time. Here are the forgotten files from our year. Enjoy!


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