My Story 

Hi I'm Kathleen!

I'm a storytelling, natural light photographer in love with telling compelling stories of life's beautiful chaos. I mean IN LOVE. 

What seems like a lifetime ago, I was pregnant with my daughter, and my husband had just received those dreaded papers saying that he was going to be leaving for an 8 month deployment. Fast forward a few months and I stared at my daughter as the nurse handed her to me for the first time. She was absolutely perfect. One month later my husband deployed, and I started snapping photos like nobody’s business trying to freeze these tiny moments in time so my husband could feel like he was there too. How were these moments going by so fast?! As I look back, and started collecting more and more tiny moments, they have now turned into my family’s own set of stories for us to remember forever. 

I am in love with life. I love all the little details, from the beautiful messy chaos, to the quiet snuggles.

When I'm not photographing families, you can find me learning new dances my 7 year old teaches me, reading with my 2 year old, at church, or curled up on the couch with my husband watching our favorite TV show (if I get lucky and manage to get the kids to bed). I am slightly obsessed with window light, Saturday morning snuggles, and coffee. Thank God for coffee. I'm just a hot mess mama to 3, saved by grace.

we do not remember days, we remember moments